‘ILM Trailer!

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Click here for Registration

$15 per student or $30 per family for food and participation in activities. (Lectures are free)

visit our facebook page at- http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110382632314696&ref=ts


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2/22/09-The ‘ILM competition is now open to all college students!

‘ILM Bowl materials moved to ‘ILM Bowl section

4/13/10-Accommodations updated

4/13/10–Fashion Design  will be an event for the sisters.

4/13/10– Registration information updated

Welcome to ‘ILM

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Sample ‘ILM Bowl Questions

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Download this powerpoint to get a taste of what the ‘ILM Bowl will be like. The powerpoint is in Jeopardy format with the answers at the bottom in the notes section.



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